Chevian Art Lounge

Welcome to the official Chevian Enterprises' Art Lounge. We are all about offering you a full service Entertainment Package.

We are Creatively Original


Each event is different, so the process of planning & execution of each event differs on the type of event. We work with you to ensure that this purpose is achieved seamlessly by coordinating every detail of the event.

Whether it is a Festival, Wedding, Conference, or business convention; Events bring people together for a common purpose.
We also offer Event Consulting services.


Your image is your brand and it goes beyond the wardrobe, hair and makeup. Body language, etiquette, and communication skills are essential parts of your image. Chevian is here to help present the best version of you to the world while keeping it creative and original.
If you need assistance with your image, from creating your initial strategy to the visual identity elements, contact us.
We’d love to help you identify and showcase your story!


Our Talent Management service works with diverse talents both recording, visual and performing arts and the creatives. We know you are a creative! Let us keep it originally creative.
We also offer full service Talent management solutions for a variety of entertainment business clients in different fields of the entertainment industry; from Visual Artists, to Recording and Performing Artists.  


Like a chef with a kitchen full of ingredients, there are myriad ways to put your music together, and it’s very easy to muck it up. Let us make you a masterpiece.
If you are looking for a Creative service with expertise to research and plan artistic events as well as having a real flair for finding THE RIGHT CREATIVE you will be absolutely delighted with us!

Chevian Enterprises